“All Religions are Valid” – Really?

Many people say things that resemble this statement, “There is nothing wrong with any religion.” My response is simple and at first sounds very arrogant. “Nope. Only one is right.” Let me explain myself.

I say this, and I want you to believe this too, because of a few reasons:

a) There is a difference between toleration and validity. Today many people are keen and quick to point out that we ought to tolerate all religions but fail to recognize that they move beyond mere toleration to believing that all religions are valid options. This is mere nonsense displaying one’s intellectual malfunction. To tolerate is to do just that, be okay with it’s existence. To believe something is valid is to embrace it as a clear and good option for life. These are two different things and ought not be confused.

b) Do you think it sounds arrogant for me to say that I am believing the right religion in believing Christianity while all others who believe in something else are believing in the wrong things? If you do, let me challenge you: do you think Jesus was arrogant to claim that He was God in the flesh? That He was and is and always will be the only way to God? Was it arrogant for Him to claim that He was the only One who could forgive sins? That He could rise from the dead? That He can save people from Gods wrath?

If you do, if you believe that these claims are arrogant your issues about the exclusive claims of Christianity are with one person only – Jesus Himself. If that makes you hate me, so be it. I stand with Him and I want you to do the same.

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