Handpicked Sermons of the Reformed Kind

Every now and then you come across a blog in the ever growing blogosphere that grabs hold of you in a deep way, leaving you fulfilled on one hand and wanting more on the other. When I find a blog like this I feel eager to let you know about it, so guess what? I found one! Sermonize Usis its name. Far from being the shallow semi-Bible related blog that most christian blogs are, Sermonize Us is robustly putting forth the most solid sermons being preached today. As you probably could have guessed it is a reformed blog, meaning it only produces and points us to sermons which make much of God while decreasing man. The creator and curator of the blog, Mike Worell, says this is why he made the blog to begin with:

Sermonize Us is a podcast created to share sermons. It was sort of started out of selfish reasons: I love good sermons and wanted to hear more. There’s a great group of guys at the church I attend in Michigan (Mt Morris Community Church) that all listen to quite a few sermons. Not every sermon you hear is outstanding – but the ones that are you want to share. Sermonize Us was created to share those sermons. The site allows you to post a link to a sermon, and after that sermon is reviewed it gets posted and added to the podcast. It’s a pretty small group of trusted guys posting reformed sermons at this point. The audio is also shared on Facebook, and makes for a great way to add redeeming audio links to your feed

Last week Mike and I were chatting about some of my favorite sermons and he asked me to write three of down for his blog, and it took me two weeks to get them nailed down! You can go there to see what three sermons I chose, but moreso, go there to explore the wealth of solid Biblical material on this website. You’ll be glad you did, I always am.

Thank you Mike, for spreading the glory of God to the ends of the blogosphere! May many find and follow the glory of God through your endeavor.

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