Our Heart Christ’s Garden

Recently I was reading Charles Spurgeon’s Evening by Evening and it was too sweet not to share with you.  He was reflecting on our hearts being Christ’s garden from Song of Songs 5:1, “I have come into my garden, my sister, my bride…” He made 4 or 5 striking points:

a) This garden is a place of separation – A garden is not public space, it is walled in.  A garden is not a common park, it has a hedge around it separating it from the outside world.  This is the same with our hearts.  Once it is Christ’s, He hedges it in and separates it from the world.  My heart is no longer a commonplace for anyone and anything.  Only certain things can enter.  It is no longer part of the world, but separated from it.  Although it is still in the world, it has a specific purpose in relation to the world now.  It stands out, and is seen as utterly unique and separate (alien) from the world.

b) This garden is a place of beauty – My heart is to bear the fullest and richest flowers, buds, seeds, vines, plants, tree’s, etc. because it is Christ’s.  Only the best fruit will due.  The thorns and briar’s of the world have no place in it.

c) This garden is a place of growth – No seed in my heart remains as such, but all grow!  God will see to this as surely as the dew on morning grass.  The fruit in it was specifically made to grow and continue to grow until it blossoms to its fullest at death.

d) This garden has a Keeper – My heart is Christ’s garden, and just as all gardens have a keeper, so does mine.  Christ is this keeper and the Holy Spirit is the morning dew.  He does the work of planting, digging, watering, and nurturing the fruit and soil so that it blossom’s to full capacity at the proper time.  He also digs out certain plants and removes them completely.  This process is often ugly and painful at first, but growth only comes through pruning, and He prunes me with care.

e) This garden was not always a garden – The most significant factor in the fact that my heart is now a garden is that for 20 long years, my heart was a barren wilderness, dead, dry, with no life in it at all.  But Christ, my Keeper came in all His beauty and glory, and at the sight of that glory roses sprang to life through the cracked ground and consumed every part of the wilderness causing it to be what it is now, a rich, luscious garden, for my Keeper’s pleasure.

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