Introducing “A Short Saying” Blog

In the Blogosphere there is a lot of junk, man-centered blogs which have nothing but mumbo jumbo that barely has anything to do with the Bible. But there is a lot of really good, God-centered, stout blogs out there as well. When I come across such blogs I want you to know about such glorious ness. Taylor Rollo, a kind and close friend of mine has such a blog, called “A Short Saying.” Here is his aim:

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!” ~ Proverbs 16:16. ”

A short saying often contains much wisdom.” ~ Sophocles

Indeed, wisdom is more valuable than any earthly possession and much wisdom can be found in few words. With this blog I endeavor to pass on not my wisdom, since it would only take one post and a short one at that, but the wisdom of others as I discover it. I will often add comments to the quote that I post and I invite comments from others so that we might unpack the wisdom in these “short sayings.”

I believe that wisdom and truth can be found in many places so the quotes I post will come from many resources. However, I also believe that wisdom and truth must always be evaluated with respect to the ultimate guide for wisdom and truth, God’s Word, so I will endeavor to comment in such a fashion.

I cannot recommend Taylor’s blog enough, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Click here to get to it.

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