In 2013: How Open Minded Should I Be?

I often wonder if I am being too open minded or too close minded in my day to day life as a Christian.  I mean, I want to be accepting towards other people, but I don’t want to come off as so accepting that other non-Christian people to view my acceptance as approval of their own beliefs and sin.

So how open minded ought I to be?  Proverbs 14:15 guides me and you when it says, “The naive believes everything.  But the sensible man considers his steps.”

Notice how this Proverb said that it was the naive one who believed everything, and the sensible man who was wise here by considering before believing?  This is exactly opposite of what our world today tells us.  People often tell me this: “Be open minded to be a sensible and wise person.  Those who are closed off are ignorant and arrogant.”  Well, based on Proverbs 14:15 how open should my mind be?  Not very.

Therefore my mind (and therefore my heart and soul) must constantly inquiring before letting things in.  Simple truth here guys: Don’t be so open minded that your brains fall out.

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