Some Missionaries Ought to Join the Peace Corps

Have you ever been on a mission trip, to another city or country where some or all of your time was spent doing some kind of physical labor? I ask this question because most of us would answer yes without hesitation. Pause right here and ask yourself a simple question: is that a good thing?

Is it a good thing to leave your home to go on a “mission trip” somewhere in which you do hard physical labor for a week only to leave without sharing any kind of gospel witness or having any gospel building relationship? No, this is not a good thing and it is my opinion that we ought to stop planning and partaking in such “mission trips” simply because there is no gospel mission involved at all.

Biblically these so-called ‘mission trips’ are sinful to the core. I say this not because doing some kind of physical labor for people who need it is bad. That is great, and we should be doing that! But that is not all we ought to be doing. When we only hard labor without sharing the gospel that is sin. Just as it would be sinful to only do evangelism to the neglect of helping out those in need. Why can’t we merge the two and find a proper balance? Think about it, aren’t we trying to open a door to share the gospel by doing the labor in the first place? Isn’t the labor just a vehicle we use so that we will reach a destination with those were working with where we can share the gospel?

Let me ask you straight: is there really any difference between a ‘mission trip’ that only does physical labor and the Peace Corps? I think not. If you are into this kind of ‘mission trip’, where you only do physical labor while withholding from doing any gospel word labor, you might as well join the Peace Corps.

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