Why God thinks a Liberal Economy is Foolish

I know every now and then I can seem to be a bit controversial and say things in such a way so as to get a rise out of people. Should I say I’m sorry? Probably sometimes, but definitely not all the time. Today I am writing on politics, something I rarely do. But I am going to say something to you that I am not sorry for at all – I am not a liberal, but a proud republican. Why? One reason is simple: the economy.

Now I know I could wander off into no mans land here with a intro paragraph like that but I want to stay focused. The reason I absolutely think the liberal economy that our leaders have been crafting and implementing is horrendous is because you cannot spend more money than you take in. Can it be more simple than that? A household cannot exist for any long period of time if they spend more than they take in, so why does our government continue to run our country like this? I have no idea. But I fear there is larger reason behind all this that is more urgent to discuss – the liberal obsession to equalize.

What do I mean? The liberal politicians think it a good thing that everyone should be equal, meaning that no one should have more or less than the next guy. Equality is seen as a high virtue and therefore one that we all should be happy to pursue. In regards to the economy the folly of this thinking is clear with a simple illustration. Here’s the situation: you work hard in a college English class and receive an A for a grade while your neighbor slacked off and received a C. The professor wants everyone to be equal in the class so he moves your A down and your neighbor’s C up leaving you both with a B for a grade. Of course the student who has worked hard for the A is upset and the one who slacked off is happy. One is encouraged to stop studying so hard because their effort is seen as futile while the other is encouraged to continue slacking off in class. You see where I’m going?

In regards to the economy, the liberal drive for equalization looks like this. Taking more money from the rich who have generally (not always) worked hard for their money and giving it to the poor so everyone can be equal. The rich are upset and feel the government is stealing from them while the poor are happy to receive such a gift. The rich feel that if they keep working hard the government will continue taking more money from them and leaving them feeling like their effort and hard work is in vain, while the poor are encouraged in their slacking off (generally true) and being taken care of by the government.

This, to me, is completely ridiculous. I do not favor the rich nor the poor but do feel it is generally true that each group is in the economic status they’re in for a reason, and being encouraged to not work hard is not a good thing. Most of our parents taught us as children that if I work hard I’ll be rewarded, and the folly of liberal economy theory is just the opposite.

How does God factor into this? Well, in the Bible it is a general rule that Christians should be good stewards of the funds they’ve received, whether it be a large or small amount. This means, God cares about and offended when one uses their money in such a way that shows disregard for His commands. Therefore when anyone, home or country, spends more money then they take in, and financially encourages slackers to continue slacking, He is not happy And when God is not happy we ought to share His feelings and change things to please Him because we want to live lives that please Him.

Will I? Will you? Will our government? I hope so.

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