“Coexist” – “Peace” = Really?

I’m sure many of you have seen a bumper sticker that, in a clever manner, spells the words “PEACE” or “COEXIST” or “RESPECT” with a various number of religious symbols. Though I think this sticker is a bad idea, not to mention philosophically impossible, I do think those who sport these stickers do so out of a genuine desire to “just see people get along.” But, give me a moment to convince you why this sticker is foolish.

Picture this. You and I are walking down the street and we see a blue car parked outside a pizza shop. You stop and say, “Hey, check out that cool new blue car.” I respond, “That’s not a blue car, it’s a yellow car.” Obviously you and I just encountered a problem. You think the car is blue while I think it is yellow. Let’s pause and point out a simple truth here; either one of us is right, or we are both wrong. Notice how this implies the reality that we both cannot be correct at the same time because we have made contradictory remarks.

Now let’s bring this discussion back into focus. Our “COEXIST” friends would like us to believe that all religions are the same, and that by realizing this truth we will all just get along. Again, let me ask you. If one person claims that “truth” is this or that, while one person claims “truth” is something else, who is right? Either one of them is correct, or both are wrong. Two contradictory “truths” cannot be true at the same time. Mohammed, Buddha, Hinduism, Confucius, Bob Marley, and Jesus all claim that a certain “truth” is correct yet their “truths” contradict themselves. Thus, either one is right or all of them are wrong.

My conclusion? Upon investigation of all the so-called “truths”, one of them is True – Jesus.

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