G: God’s Existence Matters

When one ponders over the ins and outs of holiness, there is an often overlooked objective fact – God. Many people down through history have tried to labor over this very thing – How does God’s existence impact and influence my life? I’m going to answer this, but let me define “God” first. When I refer to God I am not referring to a vague idea such as the force in Star Wars, or a state of being one attains to if they’ve lived a good enough life here. When I refer to God I’m referring to the God who claims authority over every other authority in existence forever – the God of the Bible who entered into the world He made through His Son. Now, there is something massive about this God that impacts our discussion on holiness. It may be overly simple, but I find it a good reminder in my own life, so I hope it does the same for you.

If God exists (which I’m completely convinced He does), everything has to change.

This was the key recurring factor going through my head the first couple years I was a Christian. I had lived my life as if God didn’t exist, so it didn’t matter what I did or who I did it with. Not so anymore. Why? If God (the God of the Bible) exists I must obey Him, or else face the consequences. You can see how this matters for holiness. Because if God exists, everything must change in our lives – our actions, motives, thoughts, deeds, etc. If God exists than He Himself is the standard of holy living all men must pursue. My sin is no mere bad thing I did, but a holy offense against a perfect God who cares about things like sin and righteousness. Morality, therefore, is not a subjective thing differing from person to person, merely finding meaning off of personal preferences. Morality is objective if God exists. This means man cannot simply do as he pleases to do without fear of consequence because if God exists man is held to a higher standard than man. If God exists He has reign and authority over my life to do with it as He pleases. If God exists, what I do with my life matters, because He (not I) holds claim over my life. If God exists I am not free to do as I please, but to live in accordance with what pleases Him.

If God exists, everything must change.

Application: If you find a pattern of sin in your life, ask yourself – Do I really believe God exists? If He does, fighting for change is not an option.

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