Hamlet, Shakespeare, and Sovereign Election

Hamlet is one of the many plays written by Shakespeare. Most people have heard of it, or at least read parts of it sometime in their lives. What strikes me about it is how C.S. Lewis used this play to teach about how salvation happens to a human created in God’s world. I know this is a Lewis quote, though I’m sorry to say that the address seems to be evading me right now.

If Hamlet were to meet and know Shakespeare, it would have to be Shakespeare’s doing.

So too, if a sinful human being is to meet and know his/her Creator, it would have to be the Creator’s doing. For we cannot come to know what is holy and sinless while we are unholy and sinful. This shows the truth that salvation in Christ, is God’s doing from the beginning to the end (this means it is not ours).

1 Corinthians 1:30 affirms this, “By His doing, you are in Christ Jesus…”

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