Keeping the Sabbath Poorly

Yesterday we talked about how to keep the Sabbath well, and I told you that it is all about worship – doing everything you can do to enjoy God as much as you are able to. But, hear me now. I do think that a Christian sins (offends God) by not keeping the Sabbath at all, or by not keeping the Sabbath well. How do you keep the Sabbath poorly? Easy: by wasting it.

Rather than using the Lord’s Day to enjoy God as much as you are able, you will waste the Sabbath and sin against God by watching inane TV shows, surfing the web, spending so much time with your handheld phone or mobile net device that you miss time with others, or playing mindless video games all day long. People who are caught up in these things, technology has become their functional lord which demands the sacrifice of health, joy, friendships, and family. Doing these things on the Sabbath (by yourself) is not putting time and energy into investing in God but squandering the time we have to grow in grace. I added “by yourself” in that sentence because some of these things can be a fun way to spend time with family and friends, sometimes.

Bottom line? The Sabbath rest ought to be a foretaste of heaven, so we ought to look forward to the one day a week when we don’t have to think or care about worldly things or stresses and can give all of ourselves to enjoying and delighting in God. When we focus on worldly things rather than heavenly things, we will waste the Sabbath, and sin against God.

Christian, keep the Sabbath well.

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