Why Should We Worship God?

Why should we worship God?

The principal and adequate reason of all divine worship, and that which makes it such, is what God is in Himself. Because He is, that is, an infinitely glorious, good, wise, holy, powerful, righteous, self-subsisting, self-sufficient, all sufficient Being, the fountain, cause, and author of life and being to all things, and of all that is good in every kind, the first cause, last end, and absolutely sovereign Lord of all, the rest and all satisfactory reward of all other beings – therefore is he by us to be adored and worshiped with divine and religious worship. Hence are we in our hearts, minds, and souls, to admire, adore, and love him; his praises are we to celebrate; him are we to trust and fear, and so to resign ourselves and all our concernments unto his will and disposal; to regard him with all the acts of our minds and persons, answerably to the holy properties and excellencies of his nature…This is to honour, worship, fear God for Himself; that is, on the account of what he is in himself. Where the divine nature is, there is true, formal object of religious worship, and where that is not, it is idolatry to ascribe it to or exercise it towards any. (John Owen, Works, III, 65)

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