Am I Closer to God Because of My Religion?

I heard a humorous question today that began an amusing train load of thinking throughout my intellectual faculties.  This was the question: “Do you think you are closer to God than I am because of your religion?”

This was my thought process.  I laughed because the question would seem completely absurd in any other century than our own.  Why?  Because we seem to have a curious notion prevailing in our day as opposed to every other time in history that one cannot claim to know what Truth is, if one even contains a category of Truth at all. 

So you see, right at the outset of this question it is easy to see that there is something underneath the question “”Do you think you are closer to God than I am because of your religion?” that implies a lot more than what was said.  What really is implied in this question is arrogance.  Let me explain.  I could rephrase the question like this, “How could you be so arrogant to claim that because you’re a Christian you are closer to God than I am?  How could you be so arrogant to think that you are in such a better position than me?” 

Well, though that may not be exactly what is going on in someone’s mind asking that question, it usually is the driving force behind the question.  To which I would simply answer, “Yes.  I am in a better position than you are before God because I’m a Christian.  Why is this so?  Because (watch out I’m going to say something very unpopular right now) my God is true and your god is false.  It is not about arrogance, it’s about Truth.  Don’t you see that you’re doing the same thing to me that you think I’m doing to you by stating how foolish it is for me to believe what I do?  I’m not the arrogant one, I’m the one concerned about what is true, good, and beautiful.” 

Well, not every conversation goes in my favor as the one above does.  Haha, few do.  But can you see that it really does come down to a battle of belief?  I really do believe that the God of the Bible is the only God, the objective Fact that all men must one day deal with, who exists apart from us, regardless of what we believe or not.  And, it doens’t matter if this is popular or not, it’s true.

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