The End which 1 Samuel Desires to Take Us

Third, this story exists to show us God. It’s ironic that a “what looks like nothing young kid” saved God’s people from slavery under the Philistines. It’s ironic that a boy who couldn’t wear armor and probably didn’t even weigh 140 lbs. defeated a champion who had 140 lbs. of armor on. It’s ironic that an untrained sheep herder, killed a learned man of war quickly. It’s ironic that no one thought David was anything at all, when God clearly used him and raised him up to do crazy ridiculous things. Why point this out? Because I think God is screaming at us through this chapter to prepare us for a greater irony to come one day in the future. It’s more ironic that the Creator of all things would become one of the created to bring us back to Himself. It’s more ironic that the Man who was mocked as a “King” on the cross really was the King. It’s more ironic that the Man who seemed utterly powerless on the cross is more powerful than 4 billion nuclear bombs combined. It’s more ironic that the Man who died on the cross is the only One who can give us true life. It’s more ironic that the One who bore the sin of the world never sinned at all and can now save us from our sin. It’s more ironic that this Man who died defeated death once and for all by rising from the dead. It’s more ironic that Jesus would willingly receive condemnation so that those who trust in Him could gain celebration. In David we have a glorious foreshadow of Christ.

So Church, lets be confident, courageous, and calm in battles and trials, standing firm in front of any giant we have to face in life. Not because we trust in our own strength, but because we boast in Gods strength to overcome for those who are overcome. Our God is strong, nothing is too hard for Him.

And may we rejoice that in the David vs. Goliath matchup we find a glorious picture and preview of what Jesus would one day do (and now has done) on the cross for His glory and for the good of those who trust in Him.

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