8 Questions to Clear the Muddy Waters of Christian Liberty

How often do each of you make really important decisions that you think live square in the middle of the ridiculously grey area of Christian liberty?  If you’re like me, these kinds of decisions cross your path daily, and how you answer them, and act according to your answer, matters a great deal to the aim and direction of not only your life, but the lives of those around you.  To aid you navigate the somewhat frustrating waters of Christian liberty, here are 8 questions you can ask to help clear the water.  Beware, once you ask these questions and receive an answer you’re seeking, pray for the integrity to obey your decision.

1) Am I persuaded that it is right?

2) Can I do it as unto the Lord?

3) Can I do it without being a stumbling block to my brother or sister in Christ?

4) Does it bring peace?

5) Does it edify my brother?

6) Is is profitable?

7) Does it enslave me?

8) Does it bring glory to God?

To read the explanation and passages standing behind these questions, go here.

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