September: Common Questions

Throughout all of September I will be posting on my what I think are common questions Christians receive in this world today, both from other Christians and from non-Christians.  Why?  A Few reasons:

a) Questions that are common are questions that need answering – common questions are common for a reason.  These are things we all think about, have all asked at one point in time, and things that usually very central to the things we care about the most.

b) Questions that are common are questions that need answering well – not only must these common questions be answered, they must be answered well.  Many people try to answer questions but why is it that so many of our questions are answered so poorly?  Probably, I think, because people are allergic to thinking deeply about everything and don’t want real answers to real questions.  Why do I think this?  Because if we get a real answer to a real question, life must change.

c) Questions that are common are questions that need answering briefly – anyone given any amount of time or paper can try to say something profound, few people can answer something concisely and briefly.  I am not saying that I will be able to answer concisely and briefly but I am saying I will try.  If you know something deeply you ought to be able to describe that reality in a short concise statement, so that is what I aiming at.

What kinds of questions will we be looking at this month?  Here’s a sampling:

-Is my truth true for me but not for you?

-Is Jesus the only way to God?

-Does Hell exist?

-What about the innocent tribe that never hears the gospel, where do they do after death?

-What is different about Catholics and Protestants?  Why is it a big deal?

-Are Catholics Christian?

-What is the Energing Church?

-What if I disagree with something my Pastor said?

-How can you say your “way” is the right way?

-Can I lose my salvation?

-Why do bad things happen to good people?

-Can a woman be a pastor?

-What’s wrong with Joel Osteen?

-Is God sovereign or is man responsible?

-Can Christians rely on medicine?

-Do babies go to heaven?

And so on…….

This will be a fun month, so please do send in questions, we’ll see what happens!

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