Is It Sinful to Take Daily Medication to Function in Society?

Question: “Is it Christian to rely on medicine?”

Answer: I am aware that not all agree with the statement I’m about to make but in this post I am assuming that we agree that it is not sin to take medicine.  God has given the world great minds who have created wonderful medicines that relieve all kinds of pain, pressure, etc.  The question I am getting to in asking this question is: Is it Christian to have to rely on a medicine in order function properly in daily society; so that if they were to stop taking the medication it would prohibit them from functioning in everyday life with everyday people.  Is that sinful?

You may think this is a foolish question, but Christians who are on these meds struggle with this issue.  Does it mean that they do not trust God to get them through the day?  Are they sinning by relying on medicine rather than God’s sustaining grace to make it in life?  Some teachers have answered “yes” to this question and miserably vexed the consciences of faithful Christians.  I think one thing about meds like this.

It is not sin for Christians to rely on medicine for their daily mental or physical health.  In fact, I think the thing that drives those on these meds to stop taking them is pride.  They may want to be off of the meds, to show they don’t need them.  They may want to be off the meds to show their powerful trust in God over their fallen body.  But these pressures are built on pride and unrealistic expectations.  These people are NOT failing to trust God in life, God has given them specific needs that must be met with these meds.  THEREFORE, TO NOT TAKE THE MEDS YOU NEED WOULD BE SIN FOR YOU.  Perhaps, God is keeping you humble by causing you to need these meds.

Whatever the case may be, it is not sinful to take these meds and those on them should not think any less of themselves for having to do so.  Do not believe anyone who tells you that you are not living in faith by taking meds like this.  Don’t believe the lie that you’re not whole until your med-free.  God has made you the way you are for a purpose, embrace that purpose.


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