Can I Lose My Salvation?

Question: Can I lose my salvation?

Answer: No.

Let me clarify.  If I cannot lose my salvation, why does God warn me about falling away?  This is a puzzling question isn’t it?  Many have tackled this question and completely missed the point.  Most people have gone one of two ways with this.  The first group believes that the presence of a warning in the Bible means that it is possible to fall away and therefore abandon the doctrine of eternal security as false.  Others believe so firmly in the doctrine of eternal security that they twist and finesse the Scriptures to make it look like it is only warning those who are not Christians.  Both of these sides are wrong.  What?  Let me explain.

The Bible says that we cannot lose our salvation (Phil. 1:6, Rom. 8:28-39, 2 Pet. 1:3, John 10, Deut. 10:14-15, etc.) that is clear.  The Bible also warns people from falling away from God (Heb. 3:12-13, 6:4-6, John 15:6, Matt. 24:13, etc.) that is also clear.  How do these two doctrines mesh?  Rather than taking one over the other, like the previous groups do, we should affirm them both, as the Bible does.  How do we do that?  By believing that one of the ways God causes His people to persevere in faith (Matt. 24:13) and be saved, is by warning us that we could fall from faith and be tossed into the fire (John 15:6).  God is honored this way, because His power in keeping His people (Jude 24) is held up and believed, while God’s warning is seen as it is, a warning.  We should always aim to never soften anything to make us feel more comfortable with what God says.


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