How Can You Say That Your Way Is The Right Way?

Question: How can you say that your way is the right way?

Answer: The Bible says so (Acts 4:12, John 14:6, John 6:45, Isaiah 48, etc.)

Someone may say, “I do not have any reason to disagree with a person’s right to believe in God.  I do have a problem with exclusivity in evangelical faiths.  For someone of another culture and faith to follow the protestant christ, they must do what the christian missionary could never dream of doing, give up their faith in their god, read an alien text at the displeasure of their loved ones, and follow another faith.  For God to ask someone to give up their faith to follow “the right faith” is cruel and unusual.”

Too which I would respond like this: I hear what your saying.   Asking someone to convert to Christianity from a culture alien to Christianity is a hard thing to do, and it will indeed cost them much to do so.   Their culture will alienate them, their family will abandon them, and they will be alone.   But when we talk of exclusivity we need to be cautious, because I think you would agree that the world would be better if people embraced your view.   If you answer yes than we can go further.   What would a Muslim’s life be like in Indonesia if he accepted your view?   I think the same thing would happen to him.   Now, I think that Christianity is the only way to God, you do not, both of our views are religiously based.   You say that my view is narrow minded, but isn’t it just as narrow to say that the world would be better if people thought the way you do about religion?   If all exclusive-ness is to be done away with, your objection to the exclusive nature of Christianity would be tossed out along with mine.

Honestly, I think we’re all exclusive about what we think about religion, just in different ways.


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