Our Opinions Defined

OPINIONS, are just that, things that we believe to be true.  We really could say the same thing about the first two circles in our map, but these OPINIONS differ from ABSOLUTES and CONVICTIONS in that OPINIONS are doctrines that (though important) should not cause separation or division.

What are some examples of these doctrines?  I’ll give 3 examples.

-End times theology: I believe that we are in the end times now, and that Jesus will come one day like a thief in the night to end the world and usher in the judgment.  I don’t believe that there will be no rapture or secret event where Jesus comes to take the Church away from the world.  Jesus only comes to earth physically twice: once as Savior and Redeemer, and then once more as Judge.  My position is called the Amillennial position.

-The Age of Creation: I believe that God created the earth and all that we see (and don’t see) in six literal 24 hours days, and rested on the 7th day.  Though the Bible does do this in other places, I do not believe that you can define “day” as an undefined period of time (let’s say, a million years) in Genesis 1-3.

-Spiritual Gifts: I believe that the spiritual gifts of healing, speaking in tongues, prophecy, etc. were for a specific time and that the reason they existed first and foremost was to give credence to Jesus’ and the apostles words in the early Church.  But, though I think this is true, I am willing to entertain the idea that gifts are still around today.  BUT, to wade through the vast amount of gift misuse today those who exercise gifts must remember that the Holy Spirit acts in such a way as to glorify Jesus through gifts, not gifts, not the person having the gift, and not even the Holy Spirit Himself.

Other doctrines that fall under this banner are Miracles, Prayer, Angels, Satan and Demons, and sanctification.  So, as you can see, these are doctrines that are important, it’s just that these doctrines can be disagreed upon within the same church, and even (in my opinion) disagreed upon within the a church staff.


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