Our Questions Defined

QUESTIONS, is the simplest word to define on this list.  They are simply, issues that are still unsettled within our own hearts.  Here are some of mine:

-Why?  Knowing the infinite wisdom of God and that God works out all things to His glory and my good I still find my spirit asking these questions, do you?  I start with this question of mine because 99.9% of my questions fall under this category.  Why was I made like I was?  Why do I have the life I have?  Why did God do this?  Why did God not do this?  Why….Why….Why?

-Who wrote Hebrews?  We don’t know, but I want to know!  Was it Paul?  I don’t think so, because he always assigned his name to his letters.  Was it one of Paul’s close friends like Silas or Barnabas or John Mark?  We don’t know?  Was it a woman, which may make sense because if a woman did write it, it wouldn’t have been read much because it was a woman’s work – which may be why she left her name out?  Who knows – God knows.

-I want more!  I want the Bible to be longer, so I can know my God more.  Perhaps I just need to know what’s been revealed better.

What are some of your questions?  We all have them, and they can exist along with firm opinions, convictions, and absolutes.


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