The World Learns of Christ from Christians

I have a desire to challenge you on the blog today.  Did you know, if you’re a Christian, the world learns what God is like from your life?  Have you noticed this?  People who do not know Jesus, learn about Him through watching you.  Why?  Because in their mind/opinion, if you say you believe in Jesus than watching your life is watching Christianity.  Is that a scary thought for you?  Perhaps some of you are thinking, no one has ever told me about what they learn of Jesus from watching me.  Well maybe not, but I’m convinced that if non-Christians around you never say anything to you about this, or ask you questions about why you do what you do and don’t do what you don’t do, I think they’re still watching.

Now for the first hard part to ask you.  This is only true if you have non-Christians in your life.  Do you?  Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  Do you associate with the lost?  Do you make friendships with lost men and women?  Yes?  Great!  No?  Hmm…my opinion is that if you live out your Christian life surrounded by nothing other than Christians you are not doing as you ought, and are willfully sinning by not following the example of Christ.  Where do lights shine?  In the dark, not in broad daylight.  How will nations get reached if we are closed off and stubbornly avoiding contact with those who reject Christ?  They won’t.

Now for the second hard part to ask you.  For those of you who are struggling to get involved in people’s lives who don’t know Jesus, those of you want to, and those of you that are, below are some hard questions to ask yourself as you see to save the lost.  Remember, others learn of Christ from you.  What are they learning?  That God is patient?  Gracious?  Merciful?  Loving?  Willing to be inconvenienced?  Or are they learning that God is stubborn, ignorant, evil, prideful, double-minded, and unfaithful?  Answer below, if you dare.

  1. Do people understand more of God’s mercy because of the way I respond to their mistakes?
  2. Do people understand more of God’s holiness because of my high ethical standards?
  3. Do people understand more of God’s patience because of the time I give to grow and develop?
  4. Do people understand more of God’s truthfulness because of the way I communicate honestly?
  5. Do people understand more of God’s more of God’s faithfulness because they see me keep my promises?
  6. Do people understand more of God’s kindness because of the tone of my voice?
  7. Do people understand more of God’s love because I go out of my way to help and serve them as I lead?
  8. Do people understand more of God’s grace because I avoid being harsh and unreasonably demanding?

Remember that Paul warns us to live such lives among the world, that we do not give non-Christians occasion to blaspheme God.  May it never be said of you, “God is blasphemed among the gentiles on your account.”  Those around you are learning of God from you, what are they learning?  You may have heard people say, “You are the only Bible some people may ever read.”  Though I think this is unBiblical, and wrong theologically, it has an element of truth to it.  Our speech and lives must be not only different, but constantly giving the sense of “eager invitation” to all, at all times.

May God so live through you, that people may “see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

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