Jesus Came, Do You Believe?

I wonder though, where are you right now?  What problems do you have going on right now where stillness and simple trust in God seems like the most impractical thing to do?

Think about Joseph, the husband of Mary.  Life is going smooth, and all of the sudden he finds out that Mary, his fiancé, is pregnant, and it’s not his baby.  Normally, when this happens, any guy would freak out because he wants nothing to do with an unwed teenager with an unplanned pregnancy.  Matthew 1:19 says that Joseph had planned to divorce her quietly, and leave.  God then came to Joseph in 1:20 and told him that everything would be okay, and that this child was from Him.  Joseph believed God at a time when it looked impractical to do so.

And praise God that he did right?  Who knows what would’ve happened to the baby if Joseph left.  Mary might’ve gotten a primitive abortion in an effort to save her marriage.  “No more child, and Joseph won’t leave me!”  I don’t say this flippantly, there are records of abortions taking place all the way back to the Egyptians 2000 years before Mary was born.  This would have been a real option, and Mary probably had known girls who had done this.  If she had done that, there is no Jesus!  If there is no Jesus, there is no hope for any of us because the cross never would have happened!  But, praise God that God was in charge here and not Joseph, or Mary.  When faith in God looked impractical, it was this impractical faith in God, that made the first Christmas happen.

So if you’re in this spot right now, wanting a sign from God to let you know what to do, wanting a sign to tell He’s there, that He’ll take care of you, and hasn’t left you.  There’s good news – The Lord Himself has given you a Sign.  The sign we have received is the same sign Ahaz and Judah received, the virgin born Messiah.  God told Ahaz and Judah to trust in the virgin born Messiah who would one day come and make all things right, and God is now calling us to trust in the Messiah who has come and is now making all things right!

Though we might look foolish or impractical, may God for His glory, cause such faith to be found in us.

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