Facial Hair and Calvinism Are In, Are You?

You don’t have to look around the Church very far these days to discover trends happening in millions of hearts.  For the past 10-15 years, reformed theology, known to some as Calvinism, has been a growing trend gaining strength.  Along with this return to a robust historic doctrine, facial hair has also been a growing (no pun intended) trend alongside it.  Books seem to stack up around beards in our churches these days.  For me, the former is a glorious movement of God bringing more and more hearts into a deeper intellectual and inspirational faith while the latter is awesome as well though not joined by me due to God’s gift of a facial hair free face.  Oh well, I guess I can love deep theology pointing me to Christ even though I have a clean face, right?  Haha!

Enjoy this video below, it is wonderful, deeply intellectual, and inspiring to go after the heart of Christ in all of life.  It is 4 minutes long and it is called “The Calvinist.”  Written by John Piper, read by him and more of our favorite reformed friends around the world.

Go here 🙂

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