Do Not Mock God This Christmas, Glut on Him!

Now to close our time in Matthew 2:1-12.

Did you notice 2:10?  Once the wise men saw the star stop over the house where Jesus was, it says that they “rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.”  This funny language describing how the wise men rejoiced literally means in the original Greek “their joy joy’d!”  This is supreme happiness, supreme delight, so much so that words in any language cannot describe a higher level or degree of satisfaction or pleasure.  The wise men are white hot with affection.  But why did they rejoice?  Why was their joy joying?  It’s simple isn’t it?  We all know the answer, but do we really?

In a few days time, most of you reading this blog right now, will be sitting around a lit Christmas tree, unwrapping presents that you asked for.  Some of you will unwrap a new Xbox one, maybe a new gold iPhone 5, or a 70″ TV, even maybe a new car.  I’m convinced that if you rejoice exceedingly with great joy over these gifts you will waste Christmas.  How then will not waste it?  Not by not rejoicing, but by rejoicing is what is worth rejoicing, Christ!  Glut your souls on Him as you open gifts, and use and handle and be happy over your new gifts in such a way that people know you love Jesus more than these gifts.

God is not honored when His gifts are treasured over Him.  Do not mock God this Christmas.  Honor Him by enjoying Him.


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