Edwards Resolution-athon: Day 26

Resolution 70:

Let there be something of benevolence, in all that I speak.

This is the last day I’m going to give you a resolution.  Some of you may be happy about that!  Tomorrow I’ll give you one last gift about Edwards, but you’ll have to wait till then to find out exactly what it is.

Resolution 70 is a simple one, but one we all need to hear.  Our speech really matters.  There must be nothing unwholesome in it (Eph. 4:29).  Every idle word a man speaks he’ll give account of on the day of judgment (Matt. 12:36).  With it we have the ability to murder (Matt 5:21-22 ), with it we can destroy our neighbor or bring healing (Prov. 11:9, 12:18), and with it we too often bless God and curse men (James 3:1-12).  Our speech matters.

Therefore, when you use your tongue today, labor and work (Ecc. 12:10-11) to fill your speech with grace, kindness, benevolence, and love.  Have your tongue be strong in the “grace that is in the Lord Jesus.” (2 Tim. 2:1).  When this happens, your words won’t be wasted.


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