The 2nd Mark of a Healthy Church – Biblical Theology

Last week we looked at the first of the 9 marks of a healthy church as defined by Mark Dever in his book “9 Marks of a Healthy Church.”  Today we will begin to look at the second mark of healthy churches – Biblical Theology.

What is Biblical Theology?  Well to put it simply, it is theology that is Biblical, or sound doctrine.  Biblical Theology also refers to the method of studying the Bible wherein someone seeks to learn the grand storyline of the whole Bible, which finds it culmination in the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of the God/Man Jesus Christ.  The other major method of Bible study is systematic theology, wherein one seeks to plumb the depth of specific doctrines individually.  Both of these methods are necessary and both can and do offer very good and different approaches to studying and mining the gold of God’s Word.

Before we get into Biblical theology, our 2nd mark of healthy churches we must talk of something first.  Namely, that every human on the earth is a theologian.  Yes I mean this.  Now some people know they are theologians while others do not.  Some do craft arguments for a certain theological position intentionally while others merely have beliefs about “God” and “afterlife” and judgment” in their heads.  No matter which group you find yourself in, you need to know that everyone does theology, and has opinions about major issues such as those listed in the previous sentence.  The core matter at hand once one learns all people are theologians is this: we all do theology, but do we do it well or poor?  Those who do it well honor God and help man, while those who do it poorly defame God’s name and reputation in this world while hurting man.  How do we determine who is doing theology well and who is doing theology poorly?  Easy, the Bible defines good and bad theology.

How so, and what is good/bad theology?  See you tomorrow….


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