Happy Birthday My Love!

1511175_10100701969355043_1700252073_nToday is a wonderful day!  Today my wife Holly, turns 30.

I have trouble finding words to express what I feel toward you Holly.  The best I can say is you are “home” to me, and I love you dearly.  So much grace, such sturdy truth, such marvelous motherhood, and such a wondrous wife.  You have taught me much just by watching you do life in close proximity to me.  You say what no one else dares say to me, comfort me when I’m hurting, encourage me when I am riddled with doubt, call courage out of me when I can’t seem to find it, and have shown me what it means to trust God, living humbly and joyfully under the shadow of His wings.

For these things I am eternally grateful Holly, I love you, always and forever.  Praise God I get you, and praise Him that we get to dance in minefields together all our days.


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