Laborers in the Marketplace (cont…)

We must ignore the world’s opinions and the satanic lies that effect Christians in the marketplace and communicate the gospel by using words! Words are fundamentally necessary in proclaiming the gospel to this world, especially in the business world. Since the time of the prophets in the Old Testament all the way up to Jesus Christ and his disciples, the advancement of the gospel has ridden upon the spoken words of faithful God followers. We must stand in the marketplace speaking in love and joy, yet with eager-boldness to those God brings into our lives. Do not be disobedient to the calling on your life to be a disciple maker for the kingdom of God. Answer the call!

If you are answering the call as a laborer in the marketplace then your task is to continue faithfully making worshiping disciples. Keep on picking up that cross daily for the sake of the gospel. Keep on encouraging the people providentially brought into your life with the message of hope that only comes from the scriptures. And, keep on worshiping our heavenly Father in spirit and in truth. Worship is the chief end of the church! “Missions exist because worship doesn’t.” (John Piper)

So join in continuing to disciple worshipers of God and encourage them to do the same as the kingdom advances.

Soli Deo Gloria.

David K. Hayashi,

Laborer for Christ

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