Church Members – Big Toes, Hands, Eyes, Armpits, & Noses

All church members are gifts from God, no matter what position they hold in the Body of Christ.  That is why every now and then once you have a group of new members joining the church you should have a moment during worship where an awareness is made of all the new members joining into the community.  When this is done, it is good to point out a few things.

First, these new members are gifts from God.  They do not all hold the same positions in the Body of Christ, some are big toes, others are hands, while others are eyes, armpits, or noses.  This is not crass, it is just meant to show that not every person in the Body has the same role, but to also point out that all roles are vital to the existence of the Body.  Because of this, no one, even the pastor, can be in a position/role of the Body where they could boast of their importance over another person’s role.  This would be selfish and foolish in the most utmost degree.

Second, these new members are gifts from God.  They did not come to us by chance, happenstance, or circumstance, but by God’s divine providence.  Out of all the people on earth at this time, and out of all the people that could have been joining your church, these people are coming to join because God’s design is for them to be in this specific expression of the local church.  This means there are people who need these people present with them.  This means God will be more glorified by these people joining.  This means the whole of this local church will be built up more by the people coming to join.  This means we cannot look down on them, but rather, seek to build up and be built up by these new members.

All this to say one thing: God wants you and I to notice the gifts He has given to us in His grace.  What are they?  The people around you.  The people who have joined your local church and are being used of God to make you into who God wants you to be.  Praise Him for such grace!

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