Leaders Ought to Lead Out of Weakness

So many things about Biblical leadership is opposite what you’ll find today’s leadership books and popular guru’s teaching.  They say things about pride, being confident that you can what you need to, don’t show weakness or people will attack you.  A Christian leader is nothing like this.

Biblical leadership is to do one thing very confidently, lead out of weakness.  It would be pride and arrogant for a pastor to lead out of self-esteem and inner confidence.  Biblical leaders ought to put their own weakness on display and lead out of that.  What?  Yes.  An effective leader, elder or pastor alike, must lead out of weakness by being willing to show your own failings and shortcomings for a number of reasons:

First, it is reality.  Pastors and elders are not perfect people.  We are weak, needy, sinful, and fail just as much, if not more, as every other person in the church does.  This is a fact.  No pastor or elder should ever be put up onto a pedestal for their people.  Only Jesus can hold such a position, and no man ought to.

Second, it is exemplary.  Pastor and elders who lead out of weakness and their own need of Christ are examples for the flock. How so?  When we sin, we repent, and trust in Jesus to forgive and give us power to live in light of the cross.  This happens a million times a year for most people, and for leaders the same is true.  But if the people of a church never see their leaders actually confess sin and repent publicly, do they see a needy man in dire need of God’s grace?  They ought to.

Third, it guards from pride.  Ministering to others out of a sense of your own weakness and need causes one to be continually reminded of their own lack of ability to lead well, and God’s omnipotent strength to lead best.  He is God, we are not.  He saves people, we do not.  He is King, we are not.

When someone does not lead out of a sense of their weakness or need for Christ, you see someone growing in love with power, self, and image.  The cross keeps leaders from such foolishness.  May it keep you as well.

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