A Calvinist Can say “Come to Christ!”

Some of you may wonder at this title, but it is a controversial doctrinal issue with some people for sure.  Certain groups claim Calvinists cannot call men to come to Christ.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

They say we (I am a Calvinist) cannot call men to Christ because we believe in predestination, and if God has already made the decision and destined some for heaven and others for hell, why is it necessary to call men to salvation since it’s already been decided?  Well, apart from this erroneous view of thinking, there is a response to be given.

Calvinists can call men to Christ just as Jesus called men to come and follow Him. Calvinists know that behind the scenes of life, God is working in hearts, and only those that God is drawing to Himself have the ability to come to Christ because after all, a sinful heart will not want to come to Christ if it is not changed first.  Does this therefore mean that we should not call men to faith?  Of course not, how foolish to think so.

The difference between a Calvinist and an Arminian calling men to Christ is this.  A Calvinist calls men to Christ by saying, “Come to Christ!”  An Arminian calls men to Christ by saying, “Come to Christ, on your own.”  See the difference?  The one group believes God does the work in drawing men to Himself, while the other believes man does the work in coming to Christ, which allows God to therefore work in them once they allow it. This latter position is the view of the Arminian, and nothing could be further than the truth.

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