Mikeschair: Thank You for Clarifying this Song

MIKESCHAIR - A Beautiful Life (2011)In the past I have publicly spoken out against the song “Someone Worth Dying For” by Mikeschair.  I believe I’ve done this twice from the pulpit.  Why?  I have theological reasons for this that go deep into the nature of not only our sin but our salvation as well.  The chorus of the song says, “Am I really something beautiful?  Yeah I wanna believe, yeah I wanna believe, that I’m someone worth dying for.”  Does God really see “worth” in us before He saves us?  I don’t think He does, and Biblically there is much ground to stand on.  Recently, after a sermon on Jonah 2:9 “Salvation belongs to the Lord,” a member in my congregation pointed me to this interview with the lead singer Mike Grayson of the band Mikeschair about the song.  Here is the question/answer I am grateful to see:

Jonathan Kemp (from the Christian Music Review Blog): 
The single from the album “Someone Worth Dying For,” why did you write that song?
Mike Grayson (lead singer for Mikeschair):
We as a band had been wrestling with the question of where are we looking to find our worth. It’s so easy to look to friends and look to jobs and look to other people to define our worth here. The reality is, Jesus established our worth the day that He died for us on the cross; and the only person that gives us any kind of worth is Him. Apart from Him we’re worthless. I read this quote from C.S. Lewis that said, “Christ died for men precisely because men aren’t worth dying for, to make them worth it.” That just kind of hit me, that thought of ‘Lord, you loved us so much. You gave us worth, and on our own we’re not worth anything but with You we have infinite worth.’ And that’s just something that is really overwhelming and so for us was something really personal that we were working through.
Personally I am happy to hear Mike Grayson say “God gave us worth, and on our own we’re not worth anything but with Him we have infinite worth.”  Amen.  Thank you for the clarification Mike, happy to know you’re not saying what I thought you were saying.  We do indeed have worth, but it comes after salvation.  God sees nothing but sin in us before we are saved – nothing of worth or beauty at all.  Praise Him for His love to unworthy sinners like you and like me

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