The Grace of This Catches Us Off Guard

As I was reading the other day a footnote from Genesis 48:1-22 caught me off guard, and I was encouraged in the grace of God over my life.  The footnote is on page 69 of the Gospel Transformation Bible, which is by the best study Bible I’ve ever owned.  Here it is:

“We also see once more, as we have seen throughout Genesis, a reiteration of Genesis 1:28, the mandate to be fruitful and multiply.  Yet throughout Genesis the divine mandate, originally given to Adam and Eve, gradually becomes transferred to the Lord Himself – it is God who will cause His people to be fruitful and multiply.  The grace of this catches us off guard – what God has called His people to do, He undertakes to fulfill Himself.  What He demands of us, He does for us.  Such is the way, of course, that God’s gospel works.  All that He demands of us – not only multiplying but the entire keeping of the law – He Himself undertakes for us in His Son Jesus.”



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