We Learn While Teaching Others

Christian, Elder, Pastor – you will never outgrow your need of God.  He must always be master over you.  You will never outgrow your need of His Scripture.  It must always be mastering you.  For your own soul, for those you desire to lead, this must take place.

John Calvin:

We all must be pupils of the Holy Scriptures, even to the end; even those, I mean, who are appointed to proclaim the Word.  If we enter the pulpit, it is on this condition, that we learn while teaching others.  I am not speaking here merely that others may hear me; but I too, for my part, must be a pupil of God, and the Word which goes forth from my lips must profit myself; otherwise woe is me!  The most accomplished in the Scripture are fools, unless the acknowledge that they have need of God for their schoolmaster all the days of their life. (History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin, J.H. Merle D’ Aubigne, Volume 7, 1880, page 84-85.)

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