Faith vs. Reason? Or Faith & Reason?

Are faith and reason separate?  Are they two distinct, un-overlapping, different positions one can hold to in this world?  Or are they two sides of the coin of man’s experience in this life?  To me, the latter is the most truthful and honest option.  How then can these two seemingly different realities work in tandem and meet each other without damaging the nature and substance of the other?  Ravi Zacharias helps us out:

God has put enough into this world to make faith in Him a most reasonable thing, but He has left enough out to make it impossible to live by reason alone. (Why Jesus, Introduction, page XVI)

To further impress this Paul says to Agrippa in Acts 26:25

I am not out of my mind, most excellent Festus, but I am speaking true and rational words.

What is Paul mean by saying he is speaking “true and rational words?”  It means that the gospel of Jesus Christ is both true and rational.  In other words, if one is seeking to know true reason, rationality, and truth one will ultimately land on and embrace the gospel.

2 thoughts on “Faith vs. Reason? Or Faith & Reason?

  1. This relates to what Pontius Pilot said, “What is truth?” But instead of waiting for à rational explanation from Jesus, he turned and walked away. Many don’t want to hear the reason. Didn’t king Aggripa say to Paul “much learning has made you mad”? Avoidance behaviour is a classic defense mechanism for today’s deist.

    1. Quite correct, people avoid what they know to be life changingly true. They don’t want to change. Praise God He breaks in and overcomes our rebellion!

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