#DoNotBeDuped, #Foolishness, #UnBiblical, #NewAge?

Another reason Ravi Zacharias is so helpful.  Don’t be duped by “New Age” thinking:

See the New Age spirituality for what it is; a systematic methodology of appealing to a cultural mindset that despises certain things and that follows a reductionistic approach that actually distorts any claimant to truth that differs from those the New Spirituality endorses in order to make them all say the same thing.  This is the goal of the New Spirituality.  Bring everything to the same level.  There is a clear agenda.  In their deep prejudice against Christianity, advocates of the New Spirituality malign the Christ of history in order to remake him into an image that is consistent with their ideas. (Ravi Zacharias, Why Jesus, page 209-210)

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