May God Interrupt Your Prayer

Chris Robins:

Isaiah 65:24  Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear.

Can you even imagine that? You’re mid-sentence with God, about to explain what you need, and He just says “Sure, I’ll do that.” It’s like my crazy family at Christmas.  Every person talking over each other.  I’ve heard folks complain that they feel prayer is meaningless.  It’s usually Reformed people, who have somehow let God’s omniscience and omnipotence be an excuse for prayerlessness and passivity.  Their condemnation is just.  Explain this in a systematic theology: God talks over you in His own eager love.  What God “knows” is obvious: absolutely everything. He wouldn’t be much of a God otherwise. He can create a better punch list of your needs than you can.  So when our sacred writings talk about God “knowing” us, it’s more than just data.  It’s not just a fact sheet bio.  It’s the way you personally know a friend and can predict what he’ll say.  This is what Abraham knew haggling with God along the dirt road to Sodom.  This is David curled up in a cave asking God for directions like you’d ask a cabbie. This is Moses hiking up Mt. Sinai to tell God to His Face that he wanted to see more of His Face. And God, our God, like an attentive Father, was already signing off their requests. Before they finished their sentences.  This was all before Jesus!  How much more can I now ask because of the Son?  What will He not give me?! Imagine this picture in all of it’s beautiful absurdity. The Eternal Creator, who needs nothing and knows everything, is falling over Himself to answer His children.  The Almighty, Ancient of days, leaning forward with a sense of anticipation about your next request.  That is ridiculous and wonderful.  That is what the cross did for us.  Yes, He knows what I need.  Yes, He knew what I was going to write in this letter before I started typing.  Yes.  And for His own glorious pleasure He was already answering me, mid-sentence, in His love.  Doesn’t that make you want to spill out your heart to Him now?

Do it.

May God interrupt you in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

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