Seeing Beauty & Saying Beautifully

Did you know John Piper has loads of free books on the Desiring God website?  Did you know he just released a new one, that is, again, FREE?  Gotta love it.  The new book is called Seeing Beauty & Saying Beautifully.  It’s in the series The Swans are Not Silent, and in this next offering Piper gives us a look into the hearts of George Herbert, George Whitefield, and C.S. Lewis.  Click here to get it for FREE.

Desiring God:

full_1400523950Read John Piper’s article on why he thinks this particular book of his is “the one most different from all the others.”

Herbert. Whitefield. Lewis.

In the sixth volume of The Swans Are Not Silent series, John Piper celebrates the importance of poetic effort by looking at three influential Christians whose words magnificently display a commitment to truth and a love of beauty.

Examining the lives of George Herbert, George Whitefield, and C. S. Lewis, Piper helps us appreciate the importance of carefully crafted words by exploring how Christians can use them to testify to God’s glory, wonder at his grace, and rejoice in his salvation.

Whether exploring Herbert’s moving poetry, Whitefield’s dramatic preaching, or Lewis’s imaginative writing, this book highlights the importance of Christ-exalting eloquence in our praise of God and proclamation of his gospel.

First Edition 2014
Crossway Books (Wheaton, Illinois)

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