From Famine to Fullness – My “Ruth” Commentary Recommendation

9781596380097mFor the next few weeks I’m going to be blogging through the book of Ruth.  It’s brief (only 4 chapters), unique, full of risk, and loaded with people, places, and actions that lead us to Jesus.  Before we get into though, today I want to point you to a commentary I recommend for the book of Ruth.

Westminster Bookstore: Whether they are thrilled by the love story of Ruth and Boaz or encouraged by a happy ending for Naomi, many people are drawn to the book of Ruth. But though the story is indeed charming, Ruth is included in Scripture for more than our entertainment. Ruth’s message is theological, rooted in God’s oversight of the movement of redemptive history that climaxes in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Dean R. Ulrich (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) has been pastor a PCA church in the Pittsburgh area and associate professor of Old Testament at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennslvania. His articles have been included in the Journal of Biblical Counseling, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, and Westminster Theological Journal. He lives with his wife and two children near Pittsburgh.

About the Series Editors

Tremper Longman III (MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD, Yale University) is professor of biblical studies at Westmont College. He has written widely on biblical interpretation, including An Introduction to the Old Testament (with Raymond B. Dillard), A Complete Literary Guide to the Bible(with Leland Ryken), and Making Sense of the Old Testament.

J. Alan Groves 1952–2007, was Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary. He was instrumental in developing the definitive electronic version of the Old Testament—the Michigan-Claremont-Westminster electronic BHS—now maintained by the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research and used as the basis of many printed and electronic editions of the Hebrew Bible.

About the Series

A series of studies on the lives of Old Testament characters, written for laypeople and pastors, and designed to encourage Christ-centered reading, teaching, and preaching of the Old Testament.

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