Behind a Frowning Providence is His Smiling Face

We can learn so much from the faith of Ruth here in chapter 1:

FIRST, she had faith in God that sees beyond present realities. The only Israelite she knew was Naomi and the only reality she knew about Naomi’s life was pain. Yet Ruth seemed to be aware of the fact that Naomi’s God is a God who is faithful to His people unlike the false gods of Moab. Do you know these things? Do you know that God is still loving, caring, and faithful when your life falls apart, or do your hard times, pain, and suffering lead you to believe that God hates you? Naomi had forgotten this, but Ruth knew it. Do you? Oh I pray that we all would know this and love God more when the dark times come home to us. John Newton, the author of the hymn Amazing Grace, had a good friend named William Cowper. Cowper had one of the most painful and disease ridden lives Newton had ever seen, and Newton was astonished to read what Cowper wrote, about God, in his journal. Cowper wrote, “Judge not the Lord by feeble sense but trust Him for His grace, for behind a frowning providence he hides a smiling face.” Cowper, like Ruth, knew that behind pain and suffering lies a God with a smiling face, who’s planning and purposing painful times for our good. Naomi had forgotten this, have you as well?

SECOND, Ruth was incredibly free to leave the securities and comfort of home and family. She would never again see her parents, her friends, her homeland, or her house. She left all she ever knew to follow this God and stand beside Naomi. Ruth had the courage to leave what is comfortable and venture into the unknown. I so want to be like her in this respect. In an age where it is so easy and so tempting to just sit at home and be entertained by this or that and waste our lives, don’t be duped. I praise God that He is moving in people’s hearts to put the American dream away and bringing men and women out of their comfort zones to do the hard thing. Ruth did the hard thing. She counted the cost, but God was too beautiful, so when put to a choice to do the hard thing or the easy thing, she chose God, and I want you to choose God every time.

Why? Because God is better.

2 thoughts on “Behind a Frowning Providence is His Smiling Face

  1. The story of Ruth is a hard truth but sometimes it takes a hard truth to awaken us.

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