Boaz and Ruth’s First Date

Despite the fact that Ruth is a poor immigrant humbly laboring for her survival, Boaz invites her to dinner in 2:14 and serves her dinner himself, showing his humble character.

This is again ridiculously gracious, because Boaz treated Ruth as a member of his own household. Only those of his household were allowed to dip their bread into the vinegar. Boaz is inviting her into his household even though she was a Moabite alien. She rose again to glean, and by the end of this first day she had acquired 1 “ephah” of barley. That’s equivalent to 30 to 50 lbs. of food, and in our modern day this is like a few thousand dollars for one day’s work. Boaz is lavishing grace upon Ruth.

Remember in chapter 1 the clouds were thick right?

Here in chapter 2 we begin to see the clouds passing away, letting more of the sunshine beam through for Naomi and Ruth. God is always up to something in our pain, designing more than we know for our good. Although it is tempting to remain angry at God during these times, let Ruth teach you that God is not angry with us when things in our life fall apart. Rather, God is doing what He does best, working for our good and His glory.

When Ruth returned home Naomi sees this ridiculous amount of food she immediately wants to know who Ruth worked with that day, and when she finds out it was Boaz, she remembers something that sets the theme for the rest of the book, 2:20 says it, Boaz is a close relative of theirs, he is a “redeemer.” In the OT a redeemer was a relative who could redeem people and property. A redeemer had the ability to take in a widow and care for her as his own wife and have children with her to continue the name of the deceased husband (Lev. 25:23-55). Ruth than told Naomi that Boaz said he would take care of them until harvest was over. This is huge, because it meant that Boaz would provide them with almost a year’s worth of wages and food in just a few months. When Naomi heard this astonishing news, she gives Ruth some advice, “Stay close to Him! Don’t go to another field!”

So Ruth remained with the maids of Boaz to reap and glean in his field until the end of the harvest.

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