I Don’t Pastor Because I’ve “Arrived” – I Haven’t

Now, the Israelites would have read Ruth 3 and seen that Boaz is like God, a redeemer. We read this today, and see that Boaz is like Jesus, a redeemer.

That means that we’re like Ruth, the ones needing redemption. Therefore, all people, no matter how dirty or ugly you think you are because of what you’ve done, if you turn back to God you’ll find welcome in Jesus just like Ruth and Naomi found welcome in Boaz!

People too often say, “I can’t become a Christian right now because I’m not a good enough person. If you only knew the things I’ve done, or what feelings and thoughts go through my heart, you would agree that I’m not a good person.” Oh what a lie this is! Christianity and the redemption found in Jesus isn’t about making squeaky clean people. It’s about God saving sinners.

People often think the reason I am a pastor is because I’ve got this Christianity thing figured out, and that since I’ve “arrived” I can now teach people.  What a lie this is.  I don’t pastor because I’ve got the Christian life figured out, or that I’ve “arrived” – God knows I never will!  I pastor because I know I’m a sinner, and that the only hope in this life is in Jesus.  This has gripped me to the core of my being.

Has it gripped you?

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