Ruth Almost Goes Off with the Wrong Man

Now back to Ruth 4.

Most every love story has the moment when some kind of intruder comes into play, who’s trying to break up the love between the two main characters. This is exactly what happens at the end of Ruth 4:4. After Boaz tells this unnamed man the details of redeeming Naomi and her land, he says, “I will redeem.” Instantly we think NO! You’re telling me that after all Boaz has done for Naomi and Ruth in the previous 4 chapters, this no named bozo’s going to get the girl!? NO WAY!

Thankfully the story continues. Boaz now tells this guy the whole story. If he chooses to redeem Naomi’s land, he not only gets Naomi, he gets Ruth the Moabitess as well. Upon hearing this news this no name man realizes that he would be obligated to have a kid with Ruth in order to continue the line of her dead husband. Bottom line, this man’s selfish and doesn’t want to mess up his own family or his own finances, so he gives his right of redemption to Boaz. Than as was the custom in Israel, they traded sandals to let everyone know they made an agreement. This is the equivalent of signing a contract today. Than Boaz, the man, stands up and tells the people what he has just agreed to do. He will redeem the land of Elimelech, bring Naomi into his home, gain Ruth as his wife, and have a child with Ruth to make sure the name of Ruth’s dead husband continues.

After Boaz speaks the people agree that Boaz is a dude, and give their blessing to him. They pray for him and for his children.

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