For the Christian the Best is Yet to Come, Always

Well, we’re at the end of Ruth, which is easily one of the greatest love stories ever told, and it’s clear to see now that as it began in pain, it ends in joy, as it began in emptiness, it ends in fullness, and as it began hopeless, it ends beaming with hope.

I think the main lesson of this book is that the life of the Christian is not a straight line to glory. Our path is not an interstate highway like I-75, it’s a mountain road with slippery curves, and hair-pin turns, that make you go backwards in order to go forwards. But God doesn’t leave us alone on this scary road of life, He puts signs on the side of the road that say, “The best is yet to come!” “I’m working all this out for your good and My glory!” “Don’t trust yourself and your own understanding, trust Me and what I’m doing, even if it feels like the whole world is against you right now!” This road will lead to our destination eventually, because God is plotting and planning our course, He is paving our road to Himself, and He will see to it that our car makes it to the end, to our destination, to Him! This is why Ruth was written – to help us see how God not only plans, plots, and paves our road, but leaves us signs of grace, so that when the road darkens or curves too much for us to navigate well, we know someone greater than us in control.

We see this play out as the story ends. Naomi “pleasant”, who once called herself “bitter”, is now full of hope and even has a grandchild. Ruth was nothing more than a pagan Moab, and now she is a Christian who’s got a husband who loves her and a son. She was barren before when she was married for ten years with Mahlon, and no babies. But now with Boaz, in one day, she got married and got pregnant! This is a God thing.

But notice who this son is. The women of the town name him “Obed”. Obed grew up and also had a son, named Jesse. Jesse had a son, and named him David. Who was one of David’s descendants? Jesus Christ the Son of God Himself! Jesus was a descendant of Boaz and Ruth. Don’t think that God is up to nothing in your life. They didn’t know God would bring forth David out of this mess, much less the Savior of the world! But He did. So we should look upon our troubles in light of Ruth. God’s purposes in your life are bigger than you can imagine!

The best is yet to come, even if the road is pitch black right now.

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