Two Final Reasons I Love the Book of Ruth

I love the book of Ruth, for two reasons:

a) In Naomi and Ruth we see ourselves so clearly.

Naomi was a bitter angry old woman who was made hopeful by the redeemer Boaz. Ruth was a Moabite, a pagan woman who was far away from God, who didn’t know God, or His Word. She was an alien, a foreigner, a stranger in a strange land. So too are we. We’re like Naomi and Ruth, apart from God, we’re lost, aliens, strangers, those who are far away. Just as Ruth needed to be redeemed, we need to be redeemed, do you see that?

We’ve got a problem called sin, and if it’s not dealt with it’ll send us to hell. Ruth did nothing to be redeemed. It was all Boaz. She didn’t ask for it or do anything to receive it, she was just making it from day to day. And when Boaz redeemed Ruth it changed everything for her and Naomi.

So too when you put your faith in Jesus, if you put your faith in Jesus now, He’ll do it all, and His redemption will change everything for you even more. Even if you remain poor in this life you’ll be ridiculously wealthy because you’ve got Jesus. Ruth’s redemption was a gift of love from a willing redeemer, and so too our redemption was a gift from Jesus, our greater willing Redeemer.

b) In Boaz we Jesus so clearly.

Boaz redeemed Ruth, just as Jesus became human to be our Redeemer. Boaz was able to redeem Ruth because he was a dude. Even more, Jesus is able to redeem sinful people because of His sinless life. Boaz was willing to redeem Ruth, and Jesus is willing to redeem us. But just as there was a cost that Boaz had to pay to redeem Ruth, there was a cost to redeem us that Jesus took, the cross. Where the Son of God died for sin, and secured the salvation of all those will believe in Him.

Just as Boaz had to make a legal transaction to redeem Ruth, Jesus made a legal transaction as well on the cross. He took our sin, and absorbed and satisfied the wrath that was coming our way from God. We get His perfect righteousness, so that when we stand before God He doesn’t see our sin, but Jesus. Boaz took Ruth to be his own, just as Jesus takes us to be His own, to be His bride upon believing in Him.

Amen 🙂

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