Chris Robins: That God’s Glory Would be Our Glory

10389026_1404638386490290_5919238322534058991_nPastor Chris Robins may likely be someone you have never heard of.

I do not have a bio for him, only my experience of him so this post will be a bit different than the others.

He was my pastor during seminary, and I was one of his interns during that time.  He probably had one of the biggest influences thus far in my life.  Which is telling for a number of reasons.  Our largest influences as Christians ought to be the pastors preaching to us week in and week out rather than authors we’ve never met.  Chris was this for me.  He knew me, spent time with me, counseled me in good and hard times, and showed me what ministry looks like.

The number one lesson I learned from him is that God’s Glory ought to be our glory.  God’s glory is an objective fact, it is who He is in all of His splendor and majesty and holiness streaming forth publicly.  I ought to glory in His Glory, and if I do so, my soul will be infinitely satisfied.  Chris also taught me to learn and love the Westminster Confession, to love on people during preaching, to counsel people well, and to pray often and with as many people as you can.  I remember always seeing him prayer during those days I was his intern, and it confronting/challenging/comforting to me to see it.  But all of these things are merely an outpouring of our desire to glory in God’s Glory.  That is the fountain of life, and once we stand under it long enough, God’s Glory will ooze out of our bones onto those around us.

Here is a link to Chris, answering some common questions at his church plant in San Francisco:

Go here.

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