John V. Fesko: Christ, the End of All Scripture

“This is what I desire to instill in my students: A passion to proclaim Christ and him crucified in word and deed and to serve the church to the glory of Christ.” 
J. V. Fesko

Dr. John V. Fesko is a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He was ordained as a church planter in 1998 and was installed as a pastor in 2003, thus serving in pastoral ministry for over ten years. He has also taught systematic theology for Reformed Theological Seminary for over ten years as a part-time professor. He has served on two committees appointed by the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. His present research interests include the integration of biblical and systematic theology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Reformed theology.

I first met Dr. Fesko while I was in seminary at RTS Atlanta where he was my systematics professor.  Currently he is the Academic Dean at Westminster Seminary California, as well as the Professor of Systematic Theology and Historical Theology.  Dr. Fesko has written numerous books, written many articles, taught many classes, and preached a lot of sermons (

Dr. Fesko was not only one of my seminary professors, he was my first seminary professor and this fact has shaped me more than I know.  Prior to Dr. Fesko’s influence I had never heard any doctrine developed throughout the whole of the Bible like he does.  It was stunning to see and gripping to watch.  I instantly fell in love with the grand, big, large themes of the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  But Dr. Fesko revealed to us through his classes that Scripture has one, overall, grand theme – Christ.  He is the end which all of Scripture longs to take us.  Dr. Fesko taught me this, and I try to teach it to my congregation every week.  Praise God for him indeed.

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