Family, Football, & Food-Induced Coma’s – Can We Be Thankful for Jesus on Turkey Day?

thanksgiving-tableI haven’t done this in a while, so today I bid you farewell – for a week that is.  During this thanksgiving week I will not be blogging except for today.  I’ll see you again, Lord willing, bright and early on Monday, December 1.  I’ll leave you with some thoughts to mull over this week.

What are you going to do this year for Thanksgiving?  Visit family, eat, eat some more, and still eat some more.  If you’ve got anytime left or if you’re awake from your food-induced coma, maybe you’ll watch some football too.

Now, I love to eat and I really love watching football.  When you combine eating and watching football you’ve got a winning combo in my book.  Plus, doing these two things with family is a joyous occasion indeed.  But are these three things – family, food, and football – the reason why we ought to be thankful this week?  No.

Why then should we be thankful?  Many reasons.

Because God sent Jesus to do for us what we could never for ourselves.

Because God rejected His Son we will always be accepted.

Because Jesus said “It is finished” not “Work Harder” or “Do Better.”

Because we are not define by what we do but by what Jesus did for us.

Because Jesus came to secure for us what we could never secure for ourselves.

Because though our sin is deep, God’s grace in Jesus goes deeper.

Because Jesus bore our sin so we could be declared to be what we’re not – righteous.

Because Jesus didn’t preach to make good people better, He preached so that bad people could be saved from having to be good.

Because though what we do matters, it matters infinitely more what Jesus did.

Because in the gospel the criminal goes free.

Because in the gospel the sinner is welcome not abandoned.

Because in the gospel we have a verdict – not guilty.

Because in the gospel we gain what we could never have gained by our own merit – God.

Because Jesus met us where we are, and loves us enough to not leave us where we are.

Because I am no longer under God’s wrath because Jesus embraced it for me.

Because I am no longer cursed because Jesus was cursed for me.

Because even though every other human may weigh you by what you do – God weighs you by what He has done for you.

We could go on and on and on and on – but you get the point.  Do eat.  Do watch football.  Do spend a lot of time with family you don’t normally get to see.  But do not take your eyes and the focus of your heart off of Jesus.  To do so would be a tragic way to spend this thanksgiving week.  Remember:

It is only because of Jesus we can be free.

It is only because of Jesus we can have hope.

It is because of Jesus we are so thankful.

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