Advent Has Come – And I Rejoice!

advent-art1No holiday stirs the heart like Christmas does.  Normally the historical Church has celebrated Christmas for the whole month of December rather than just on the 25th.  Even with the massive commercialization of Christmas the true meaning has refused to take a back seat.  This time is usually called “Advent” (which in latin meanings arrival, emergence, or appearance) to celebrate the day our Redeemer Jesus Christ entered into this world.  It is not just about a baby, it is about the incarnation of God.

That God would be wrapped in skin is simply astonishing.  Jesus is the long foretold coming King, who ushered in His Kingdom, healed the wounded, gave the blind sight, raised the dead, touched the untouchable, proclaimed the truth, while being Himself the Truth.  The One who cried out in the manger was the very One who, bearing the sin of God’s elect, would one day cry out “It is finished!” on the cross finally and decisively reconciling mankind to God Himself.  Thus, Advent is a time to celebrate our Hope.  It is a time to celebrate the gift God gave us in His Son, and in light of His gift to us, it is a perfect time to give gifts to one another.

Bells may ring, chestnuts may roast, families may gather.  Presents may be opened, egg-nog and hot chocolate may be consumed by the masses.  Santa’s will fill the malls, stores will lower prices, and we all gain a bit of extra weight.  Despite all these superficial things – Jesus Christ, the new born King, will not be forgotten.  He came to us when we needed Him the most.  He came to do what we couldn’t do on our own and because He came, everything will be ok.  For the baby grew up into the God-Man, and this God-Man became the sin-bearer.  He died, He rose, and is now reigning with perfect justice forever and ever.

Advent has come!  Join me this month in celebrating the King of Kings, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Hope, our Life – Jesus Christ.

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